Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Short and Sweet

I think that a little problem that I've been having on this old (new) blog is that if I don't have time to get all my thoughts out and write a novel and a half, I just don't want to write at all.  Damn that Zelda.  But you know  life is crazy, and busy and it's nearly impossible to find enough time to blog all that often when I have such great expectations of myself.  Ahem.

So I'll just give a short synopsis of the past week.  On Wednesday, we headed to Indiana, PA for A's sister's wedding.  Thursday I had my second manicure EVER.  Woot.  I also had what I am hoping does not become my first documented migrane EVER.  Boo.   I've actually been having some weird headache deals lately, but this was the first one that came together with the vision weirdness and pain.  Hello, STRESS. 

Also on Thursday, Compass went ape shit crazy in the hotel room when we left for the rehersal dinner.  No seriously, the hotel called A's cell and  do belive the words "ape shit" and "crazy" were both used.  A quick google of "Indiana Pet Sitter" and two phone calls later we found a literal angel who came right over to our hotel to hang out with a certain spoiled little greyhound.  He was, of course, happy as a clam the rest of the evening (and the next day, as well - was a wee bit expensive but worth every penny to know that our darling was safe and happy - do you see why he's spoiled, eh?)

Friday was the big day and everything went mostly according to plan.  I got my hair done for the fourth time in my life if you count the two times I had it down when I was wee little in my aunt's weddings.  While the final result was kicking awesome, I was not a fan of the spraying and teasing and pulling.  I'll take a ponytail any day.  The weather even cooperated for a few quick snaps outside.

After being announced into the ballroom as "Doctor and Mrs. R" courtesy of a very kind and perhaps too trusting DJ, the fun really got started and we danced the night away.  I will tell you this much - we Yings can dance.  By which I mean, we are really enthusiastic about throwing our bodies around as if we are dancing.  At any rate, we have a blast, and that's the most important thing. 

We made it home on Sunday just in time for my vision to go all wonky in which I am hoping will not be the second documented migrane.  Ugh.  I know - it's just stress.  Too much, too long - my body needs a break.  And break it will have!  Well, after my little 18 hour stint in Vegas this week.  After that, a break! 

Well, I guess that wasn't so short after all.  Ah well.  You know me.

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