Friday, October 22, 2010

Runs In The Family

There was one thing that I didn't write about in my post about A's Gram that I wanted to be sure that I remembered and wanted to record on the old (new) blog.

When we were at the funeral, one of his mom's cousins came up to us and shared her favorite memory of Gram.  She told us that she would always remember opening one of Gram's drawers and seeing all of the clothes folded so neatly.  She said that as a little girl she loved to look in Gram's closets because her color coordinated hangers were so pretty.

You know how there are some things that you just "don't get" about your spouse?  The color coordination of hangers is one of those things.  You see - A does that too.  We each have our own colors and I believe there is even an intricate system of what type of clothes get what hangers.   I mean, my family has a pretty neat house but A takes organization (especially of clothes) to the extreme.  The way he stacks his socks has always driven me nuts.

But that moment was like when you are taking a photo and suddenly the lens zooms out and what you were focused on just becomes a small part of a bigger picture.  I didn't know that A got that from his Gram, and in that moment, that annoying little habit turned into a piece of his history - his inheritance - something that was not a unique quirk but something that identified him as a part of a bigger group.

I can't say that it won't still get on my nerves, but when it does, at least I'll know whose name to mutter under my breath when I roll my eyes.  Nevertheless, I'm glad that we'll always have a way to keep Gram in our hearts - or in our sock drawer, at least.

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