Monday, October 25, 2010

iPad, youPad

I got home this evening after yet another crazy monday to a note and two boxes on the kitchen table.  The note was a really awesome thank you from my husband that was really appreciated.  I'd like to say that was the best part, and I mean, it WAS really nice, and would have been the best part except that I opened the boxes and found...

....wait for it....

... an ipad!!!

We've been talking about getting one for a few weeks now, but me and my frugal scroogey self just couldn't seem to pull the trigger.  He knew I wanted one, and knew we had a little "extra" in the budget this month and more than that, he knew that I deserved it.  We work hard for our money, and it's nice and appropriate to treat ourselves every once in awhile.

Let me just tell you - 6 hours later - it is as awesome as it looks.

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