Saturday, August 28, 2010

So we have a blog. Now what?

So back to this business of blogging. There was one legit point that Zelda did have. What on earth was I going to blog about?

I was not short on ideas. The possibilities were endless.

I could blog about books.

I could blog about movies.

I could blog about cooking. Er, maybe not.

But I COULD blog about wine!

I could blog about crafts!

I could blog about greyhounds and cats. Hell, I could have an entire blog filled with pictures of animals in clothes! See?

Or animals making ridiculous faces! Who doesn't love that?!

I thought about all the blogs that enjoy. I just so happens that I read a lot of Mommy blogs, so I thought that maybe I should just go ahead and go with that. But you know, I don't have any KIDS so I guess that would be kind of creepy. BUT then I thought –what happens BEFORE a Mommy blog? Generally speaking, nothing, because it seems that most women don't start blogging until after they have kids. But I mean, they have a WHOLE LIFE before then. So I thought, well then, I'll just have a pre-Mommy blog.

Sometimes in this here blog I'm going to have to have a few moments where I get real. This is going to be one of those moments, so buckle your seat belts, folks. There are a lot of reasons I want to do this. I want to hone my writing skills. I want to have a place to dump thoughts that just keep rattling around in my head and keeping me up at night. I want to make friends and be part of the blogging community instead of being that weird pervert who just peeks in the windows. But mostly, I want to have a record of my life for the kids I don't even have yet. I want them to know what Mommy's life looked like before they were a part of it. And you know, while I'm being REAL here, I guess I want myself to know too.

So that's it. I'll just blog my life. The random and not so random shit that happens to me every day. I'll probably talk about lots of different things – books, movies, cooking misadventures, DEFINITELY wine and crazy pictures of the crazy people and animals that are part of my life every day. I mean – think about it. HOW COOL would it be if your great-grandmother had blogged her everyday life? Okay – so maybe not that cool if all she did was milk cows and make butter all day. BUT WAIT – see, that was a trick because you're nodding your head like YEAH NOT COOL but just think – do you know how to make butter? You don't. And BUTTER is DELICIOUS so you would probably read that blog after all! Ha! Got you on that one!

Next up… maybe more animals in clothes. You know that will be your favorite.

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