Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Your Bad Day Just Got Worse

Today I woke up to the awesomest sound in the world. 

The sound of a cat throwing up.

I quickly jumped out of bed yelling, "A, ONE OF THE CATS IS THROWING UP!" as I scrambled to grab a towel and frantically searched for the culprit.

While it is usually our little Simon who is the puker in the family, I found Elliott engaged in a cycle of vicious heaving.  But Simon, being the compassionate, kind, caring soul that he is, was stationed right beside his brother for moral support and you could almost hear him encouraging, "It's okay, brother, let it out!  It will be okay" the same way we do for him when he's not feeling well.

Elliott looked at Simon, heaved a few more times and let lose a stream of vomit. 

Right across Simon's face!  In his eye!  Simon bolted upright and began blinking furiously - that shit had to burn!  I yelled for A -- "ELLIOTT JUST PUKED ON SIMON'S FACE!  IN HIS EYE!"  I scooped poor Simon up and took him to the bathroom where A and I wiped his face with a warm washcloth and tried hard not to laugh.  We cleaned the carpet and gave Elliott some snuggles too.

And when everything was all cleaned up we looked at each other and laughed so hard I began to cry.  Only in our house. 

Seriously dudes.  You just can't make this shit up.

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