Friday, January 21, 2011

Dear Baby

Yesterday I saw your face for the first time. 

I watched you wiggle on the camera, and even the technican said, "Oh wow - look at that baby moving!"  I explained to her that you were dancing.  I think she rolled her eyes.

What she didn't know is that you were just doing what your Mama asked.  The night before we had our first midwife appointment, and while everything had looked good, they weren't able to find your heartbeat.  No one was particularly concerned, after all, you are only ten weeks old, early to be able to hear it at all.  But for your Mama, who had been waiting and waiting for something, anything, to tell her that you're real, it was a little bit much to bear.  And so before bed, I put my hand over my belly and told you that tomorrow we would see you for the first time.  And I told you that I hoped that you were dancing.

And so you did, moving your little head and your tiny arms.  I saw what will someday be your little nose, and I watched your heart flicker on the screen - 171 beats a minute!  I could have sat and looked at you all day.

When finally we were finished, I got dressed and went out to find your Daddy in the waiting room.  He looked so worried, and I realized that he didn't even know that you were just fine!  I quickly pulled out the photos and showed him the first pictures of his new baby.  Someday when you're older you'll probably be embarrassed to know that we cried a little looking at your sweet face. 

Oh baby.  What a life we have ahead of us, if already at 10 weeks you are dancing.


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